Are you looking for a new pet-friendly apartment where you can do home office work in Lakewood, Colorado? With Brickhouse at Lamar Station, you don’t need to keep looking. Our amenities are designed with work-at-home in mind.

How many luxury apartments for rent in Lakewood come with built-in computer desks? Plus a business center and conference room? Working from home can be a dream come true at Brickhouse. Less traffic, fewer personalities, no more uncomfortable cubicles or dress codes, and, best of all, no commutes.

Use You Spacious Apartment Wisely

The best thing to do is separate your office and home spaces. Turn off devices you don’t need for work and ensure you have natural light in your room. Don’t use your office for anything else but work. You can take a walk while on non-video calls, but don’t take your work phone or computer to bed or even the couch.

Having an ergonomic work chair is also essential. Have specialized work playlists in your office, and make sure everyone—friends and especially family—knows your work schedule.

Healthy Home, Healthy Mind, Healthy Heart

Humans are social animals, and our bodies need to move. So it’s also important to stretch, get out of the house for breaks, and talk to and see people. If you have a family, keep your office hours but pay attention when you say your workday is over. 

Spending time with the kids is a great way to take work breaks. Even laundry or doing dishes can help relieve stress and refocus the mind. If you like pets, having a small dog can be a boon to working alone. You can take breaks with them away from the desk and computer. Or you can pet them while you work.

Take a Break at Your Luxury Apartment in Lakewood, Colorado

Make sure you know some comfortable local businesses nearby. That part’s easy with Brickhouse at Lamar Station: you’ve got any number of cafes, restaurants, and beautiful public parks at your doorstep.

Located near downtown Denver, Brickhouse at Lamar Station pet-friendly rentals offer residents a choice of floor plans and various amenities, including built-in computer desks, one gig internet with Google Webpass, a business center, and a conference room.